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Ensuring excellence one line of code at a time.

Quality Assurance Engineer committed to upholding superior standards in software development. Proficient in both automated and manual testing methodologies, ensuring the delivery of robust top-quality solutions.

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Hey there, I'm Jerico – a self-taught QA engineer and coding enthusiast from the Philippines! When I'm not squashing bugs, you'll find me riding my mountain bike enjoying beautiful sceneries, or strumming tunes on my electric guitar. 🚴‍♂️🎸

Life's too short not to enjoy every trail and strum a few strings, right? So, let's team up and create some bug-free websites together. Read More

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I designed and developed this portfolio website using a blend of traditional paper sketches and Figma. The coding phase took place in Visual Studio Code, using HTML, CSS, Sass, and JavaScript. The finished website was then deployed on GitHub using GitHub Pages for seamless online accessibility.